For the Failed Father’s

Reflections of Riverman


This picture is of my own father holding me in his lap in the Boston Public Gardens when I was obviously not very old at all.
We can clearly feel a sense of love in his smile that has bypassed the pain and suffering of his own childhood and maturation into maledom.

Obviously I was not a year old and now I’m working on completing my 70th.

He was 41 and not expecting to have children nor did he want them as he was the oldest of 10 children in a time when the world crashed around him.
There was a love/hate energy between he and his father because he had to leave school before entering the 8th grade to help his mother take care of his younger siblings.

A very brilliant child whose dreams of the future were shattered and he never overcame the pain of that wound no…

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Be the Voice for the Voiceless

Just when all around you seems to be in chaos and in darkness and can barely handle the emotions of what you see.  Now the plight of the innocent children and other life forms comes into your view.  More tears, but then you say, what can I do, I can barely help myself in these troubled times.  You say you do not understand my plight.  And I say, but I do understand. First, you must get out of your sense of entitlement and victimhood.  These are your creations, thus you can choose to let them go.  You have experienced and learned from the lessons.

As you have graduated, your soul growth.  With an opened heart, You see all life forms on Gaia as precious energy.    All life matters and all is to be respected and treated with respect as we are all Co-creators on this planet. When you Now see the precious energy of the air, waters, land and fire/warmth.  The mission of the lifeforms, of insects, plants animals and trees-the ones with no voice.  See the injustices and be their voice.  Look at the human children, they rely on us as they have no voice in human society.  All are souls on this planet-no matter what form, design or color etc.  We all depend on each other to co-exist.  So with opened eyes and hearts, be the elders the guardians of life and be the voice and the protectors of life.  That is your soul purpose here.  Once you hold this vision, then Peace, love and respect and light will exist on the planet as we are one heart.


Excerpts from: JUNE 2018 Current Quantum Awakening Newsletter

Forever Unlimited

Wow! These messages resonate deeply….may I catalyze their wisdom along with my co-creations ~PB

Excerpts from:

JUNE 2018 Current Quantum Newsletter


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Issue #234

JUNE 2018

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IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

So this is where the puzzle
Starts coming together..
If you allow it..that is..
Recent shifts were designed to shake off
Whatever that was not you
You see..youve done so much amazing work..and yet somewhere you were still hiding behind masks or cloaks of protection
Youve come so far and yet you have felt there is still something blocking you.
We are All here to find our True selves within which is our Gift
To do so we have needed to shed layers and layers of fears..doubts.. thought and behavioral patterns aquired from our surroundings. Working through these we have discoverd more about ourselves.
Now is the time to dig deeper into who you truly are..where is your True Peace and where is your True Passion.
In Aligning with your core Being, truly stripping away all other influences, you reach your Purity of Soul, you reach your True Gift.

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99999 – Reflection & Introspection — Reflections of Riverman

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