Your Personal Independence Day

Reflections of Riverman

Your Personal Independence Day
Hello all… I’m posting this a bit late as the amazing energies we are moving through and incorporating within our own physical vehicles has been a bit overwhelming at times.

These were my show notes as I felt into the larger field of my conscious awareness…

Your Personal Independence Day

Having just celebrated Independence Day here in the United States on July 4th reminded me of how timid everyone is to break free of the concepts of life, which hold all of us captives in a paradigm which has truly not been sustainable.

Mostly because it is based on subjugation in one or more forms.

Take a deep breath and relax into that


I wrote a message to myself over 25 years ago when I did not have any concept of what had just happened to me after a motorcycle accident in which I died and returned to my body.

It was like…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 13 July 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light


You have noted for some considerable period that time has speeded up and continues to do so. It is a positive indication of a continuing change upon Earth, and as the vibrations increase you enter further into a new area of Spaced it will continue to be your ongoing experience. With the uplifting of vibrations also comes a more peaceful existence with less negativity and much more harmony between all living creatures. You have already seen examples amongst animals with the most unlikely friendships, and it is truly an example of the biblical story of the “Lion lying down with the Lamb”. So what does it signify, as surely it must be a lifting up of the vibrations bringing about more harmony and peace upon Earth.

Many of you know that you are ready to take your place within the higher vibrations, and are already ones who radiate love to…

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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “5 Channeled Messages From Wayne Dyer”

Ascension Avatar

Ascension Avatar note: I generally don’t promote channeled messages (even though I’m an ‘involuntary’ channel myself, I keep most messages private)… perhaps sentiment got the best of me here since my dad loaned me his first Wayne Dyer book in 1978… I was only 13 but it paved the way toward many more philosophical, spiritual and metaphysical reads… like this inspirational article. Thank you Tanaaz, Karen Noe and of course, Wayne Dyer who wasn’t a ‘spiritual master’ per se, but he touched many lives in a very simple, positive and powerful way. 🙂


Wayne Dyer has been a huge part of my spiritual journey. In fact, it was one of his books that first catapulted me into walking my own spiritual path.

For those who have followed his work, you will know that Wayne passed away quietly in his sleep back in 2015.

Since his passing, Wayne has come…

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Grace and Trust | Recreating Balance

Forever Unlimited

Monday, July 9, 2018

Grace and Trust | Recreating Balance

The fall of Atlantis and beginning of quarantine/prison status here on this planet
about 25920 years ago was a traumatic experience for all the beings involved,
and since then, strong implantation has created amnesia, which,
together with difficult conditions on this planet most of the time,
has created perpetuation and recreation
of the traumas in a frequency loop.
The seed of trauma is caused by apparent disconnection from the Source. This creates an experience and feeling of abandonment, confusion of wondering how could this happen, pushing us to doubt everything, and to lose all trust, trust in the Source, trust in the Universe, trust in ourselves, trust in the Light, trust in each other.
Trust is a very important point on this planet now.
This deep feeling of abandonment and not really trusting the…

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Allowing the Flow to Carry You

Reflections of Riverman

As we arrive once again at the New Moon it is always a place of self-reflection for me.
An opportunity to become a bit more still and observe what I’m feeling within my human structure.

Of course the world in which we express our Beingness has many other ideas of what we are to focus on in any given moment, so we must sometimes come to an almost complete halt.

That is when we have the opportunity to allow the Flow to carry us.

Jean Tucker 2018-06-26

How many times have we been so centered in our own minds as to not notice the beauty all around us.
Our minds filled with all sorts of energetic responses which occupy and generate illusions.
All of Nature gifts us with an opportunity to come back home and tap back in to our own radiant beauty.
During this New Moon get out in your neighborhoods and…

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Tidal Lightwave and Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse


We are reaching a primary juncture of timelines, a quantum tipping point. A great tidal wave of light is upon us. What we do with the upgrades it brings is up to us. We make it happen. We manifest our timelines from one moment to the next. The more of us consciously awakened the more we will tip humanities timelines in favour of peace and abundance. We are surfing a great wave of light friends. Light is integrated into our organic and energetic beings as upgrades, recalibration of our DNA. Our chakra system expands, we awaken to quantum dimensionality. We in turn understand our role as manifestors. We realise we are souls travelling through a quantum cosmos of frequencies and wavelengths able to control our spiritual energetic dial.

When tidal light waves come as big as this one, we feel their effect for months before and after. We are aware…

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