Moving thru the darkness Choose empowerment

This is an excerpt from my website that feels timely today in the Now, so I am sharing it in this form—-Allayah

The soul journey has been long and all, challenges created FOR YOUR GROWTH, WE ARE RECONNECTING, TIRED BUT HEARTS OPEN.
From the darkness, we have heard our souls whisper, see the light-reach out. Some fear and withdraw back into the illusion of darkness they have created for more soul lessons to grow by, others have heard that soul whisper and feel in their heart ready to let go of the illusion of darkness they have created in their journey and feel called to embrace the light they are shown and move forward to it without fear. Within that light are others welcoming you and embracing you with their hearts and light. You are re-birthed- you are awakening now. Your soul journey takes a new vision. In this incarnation–in the past, we would consider this the transitioning/death of the physical body. Let that perception go, it is of the dense 3D. All has shifted. We no longer have to leave the physical vessel to return to our conscious light being. this is the space of understanding we are in now to be physical yet spirit.   No longer the victim but the creator of our existence.

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