Mothers prayer for healing

Focus on your heart chakra now. Just tune in and focus some attention on that area with your eyes closed. Feel that center and just ask to be allowed into the love that exists there. Ask that your whole soul can experience and move inside your heart and soak up all the love. And when you feel that, breathe it in for it is yours.

We welcome and Honor God, Goddess and Holy Spirit to Create the Divine Trinity for Balance.
We come in Love calling on Father God Acknowledging the Healing Powers of the Forces of Light for the Highest and Best Good of ALL.
We Honor each Being and Honor the Healing that has occurred; is occurring and that will continue to occur with Deep Appreciation.
Divine Mother of ALL, We lift our Hearts to You. Fill us with Your Essence that our Oneness is Complete in All You have Created
Mother, Father God, Beloved Creator, You have created us in the image of Your Perfection.
Guide us now as we seek to assist ______________________(Name)
To uplift their Vibration so that they are in Harmony with the Perfection of ALL That Is
We Give Thanks for This Healing.
Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven


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