Believe in Yourself, and Follow The Path of Your Truth ~ June 14, 2017

Rose Rambles...

By Sophie Gregoire, 06/14/2017

“People can walk the way with you, but nobody can walk the way for you”. Rumi

You have reached a space where you have clarity and awareness about what is TRUE FOR YOU and what isn’t. 

You keep listening to others, sometimes. You keep thinking that they KNOW more than you do, or that there are other souls out there that are more advanced, more evolved, that have been on the path for a longer while but it’s not really about that now.

You now feel drawn to activities, people, places or to a sense of soul identity, of remembrance, of belonging and if it feels right, then it just feels right and those that don’t agree don’t have to agree with you or to give you permission to be who you are.

This is a time when, again, you’ll feel that we all are different…

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