perfect words for Now

Reflections of Riverman

Emergence is a wonderful reminder of how we are always a part of a greater whole which is in a process of “self-transformation”.
It happens through a timeline and is marked by inner revelations and just a moment in the process of evolution.

So I ask myself today…
How am I emerging?
What is emerging?
Can I emerge and integrate into a world which is frightened of evolving?

Now with a deep breath…
Yes, it is just as easy as how the perennial flowers reappear each year with slight variations and yet have somehow moved into a new space in the garden.

We are continually planting seeds within our self which will wait until the perfect moment to arise.
The emergence of which is marked along a wave of time which is not only influenced by the energetic environment yet also has an awareness of its Self.

I’m often reminded…

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