LET GO… of pseudo spiritual smartarses

need to face the deep emotions and see you are stronger then them. a hard journey but once done your inner wisdom is your teacher always

Anna Veith

“You need to let go of the past.” – Something I’ve been told many times by pseudo spiritual smartarses who obviously knew me better than I did after talking to me only once or twice. By ‘talking to me’ I’m referring to listening to my problems I told them as I made the mistake of being too open to them, twisting them around in their heads and basically telling me that I’m insane but not directly, it was nicely wrapped and sugarcoated and sounded like something along the lines of “you are such a lightful soul but you need to let go of the past.”

Other times it would sound more like “I sense a heavy dark energy in you and it makes me feel unwell”, indicating that I should of course feel sorry for that fragile over-sensitive poor thing that feels so burdened by my presence alone and is…

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