Experiencing Shifts From The Third To Fourth Dimensions

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen, co-creator, teacher, and writer at the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


I feel like I am in two worlds at the same time…..walking around in third dimension, buying groceries, having tea in starbucks, connecting and talking with Raphael……then in fourth and even fifth dimensional consciousness experiencing frequencies of intense light, love, connection, multidimensional communion with guides, and a sense of innate self goodness. The physical settings are the same but the experience of that reality is much different.

I am still digesting an intense journeying experience that I had this morning to the earths orbit in which I met with a beloved non-human soul sister guide with deep tears of reunion and completion…such beautiful soul integration and realization of my galactic roots, letting go another degree of the pain body that I have spent so much focus and attention and love healing over the years. I…

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