When The Heart Understands

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


It’s that ‘heart click’ time. Things that can’t be explained or broken down mentally are coming in now. It’s intuition that opens out from a deeper trust and also a feeling of faith in the lessons that come. This trust is bred from within, from feeling parts that don’t trust you or themselves but want to.


These moments when something dawns in the sky of your heart hold so much meaning. It is the opening of your compassionate understanding, starting with something finally making sense inside of you. “Oh… so that’s why I’ve felt this way for so long” are words are that will sometimes come to you on these waves of new found inner wisdom and self-discovery.


Parts of you have tried so hard to live life the way they’re used to, and this isn’t as possible anymore. They are getting tired. Some persona…

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