Energy Update: New Dawn Coming In And Dying To BE Prior To 11/11 Gateway

I would add that the death process feels to me that it is of the 3D self versions of us that HAD to be created and formed when we came into the body here. Such density we encountered coming here! Our soul porosity had to fragment into different energies that could cope and adjust to it.

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
Being - 1
Wise words offered from a friend on Facebook, Deva Anupada, about what she is experiencing of these ongoing INtense ascension energies: “During last night another huge shift occurred which brought in a deep release of illusions delivered through intense and not so pleasant dreams for those participating. Followed by a new dawn bringing forth new awareness. This really is logging off life (the programme) in order to log on to life again with a new operating system. From a new platform. Like reincarnating without going through the physical death. Dying to BE.”
This could be why I slept 12 hours last night and still felt groggy and floaty when I woke up! Logging off happening in sleep, yes, and also in waking life more and more as timeline realities merge over each other, overlapping realities of Metasoul/other lifetime aspects and also your Star BEing aspects too coming…

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