Now What? – The Council via Ron Head

Rainbow Wave of Light


In the past, we have made use of several images, metaphors, to depict for you the manner in which energies build and eventually result in rapid change. We used waterfalls, avalanches, snowballs rolling down hills, and others.

Sometimes much extremely detailed planning and preparation are needed before a situation can manifest. Always, the safety and highest interests of all beings are of paramount importance.

With the exception of karma and karmic choices, no event, even in your definitions, results in what you call accidents. The Creator, Source, God, or whatever you name the overarching consciousness field, does not and cannot make mistakes. By definition, that is a fact. Things may happen that you do not like or understand. That does not mean they are either accidental or mistakes.

Eventually, in any situation that requires change, the energy and preparation reach that moment when the inertia morphs into building momentum. These…

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