Energy Update: Uplift, Realizations, And Congestions Clearing Process

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


These January energies are just INtense! They feel quite constant to me, an ongoing showering ray of loving light to integrate into our every living cell and our higher hearts and our previously sleepy DNA and every part of us too. This light bath shower started with the Supermoon on January 1st, offering New Earth Now energies with the New Year through the illuminating energy of the Divine Feminine. Then, the 1:11:11 portals opened, offering an emphasis on BEcoming your Butterfly Self, emerging from your necessary cocoon phase, leaving behind more expressions of your caterpillar life and former self.
The codes coming in now offer an ongoing UPlifting opportunity. Lifting UP to see, feel, and observe with so much compassion about what your choices have brought you from the vantage point of your 5D Self. From this higher view, you are more open to receive guidance…

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