Stumbling Into The New Now In Our Sacred Human Way

Our messes can feel almost insurmountable at times, as the perfect storms we co-create rage and wave through.

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

Man climbs to heavens

Sometimes we trip over our own feet… those ones we have planted firmly in our ground of Now. Parts of us want our feet to stay planted there and in fact of needed this too. This isn’t only the physical ground we’re in and on, but our current heart and soul ground, our mind ground, our personal discovery ground.

I have this feeling that as humans, we aren’t the MOST stubborn of the creatures in this or any galaxy, yet there is sometimes a hardened rigidity that gets tough to move beyond or even see beyond. Parts of us get so used to the patterns that even they are tired of drawing, that even our pain becomes a familiar bedfellow. To take the steps to actually heal this pain, to move it and not just move beyond it, takes a superb amount of courage and desire. And…

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