Failing and Recovery of Self

My talks always get me to see myself in a different Light as well. i know the feeling charlie lol

Reflections of Riverman

Presence of Light w-logoIt never ceases to amaze me at what comes up to talk about on my Presence of Light 30 minute talks @ Humanity Healing on Facebook

Oftentimes it is what I experience during the week which triggers the flow and I receive guidance on the morning of the show just before I go on the air. Allowing Spirit to guide us is a very different way of living for sure and can be unsettling to the ego mind which operates by standard procedures based on recorded experiences.

Well, this Friday was no exception and I awoke with thoughts of David and Goliath on my mind and feeling my own inner frustrations as a male in this world of collapsing empires.

David and Goliath really was my first thought on arising as I recalled all the energies of  this last week and what they have brought up in me. In many…

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