Deal With Your Own S#!t – Then Serve Others

very true

Deus Nexus

I often come across readers with a distorted understanding of the concept “Service-to-Others” as it relates to the Ra Material and The Law of One. They rightly claim, it’s not healthy or appropriate to give yourself completely over to others; you have to be able to take care of yourself first. Yes, exactly!

Being Service-to-Others does not mean becoming a doormat, a people-pleaser, or a martyr. It does not mean giving away everything and leaving nothing for yourself. It does not mean giving up your needs or your sense of identity in order to be of service. It’s not about making yourself less in order to make others more. It’s about making yourself whole so that others can benefit from your example and become whole themselves.

On the flip-side, Service-to-Self is about making everyone and everything else less so that you can be more. [While the Service-to-Others path is…

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