YOU Are The “Event” You’ve Been Waiting For

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

“You are the event you’ve been waiting for….” this is what I hear and feel when I check in about the ‘event’ that many people are offering is coming soon, possibly within the next couple of weeks. The event is generally felt to be a significant blast of energy from the Great Central Sun delivered through our sun to us. This boost in energy is offered then to create a kind of mass awakening with different timeline predictions unfolding from there. Some offer that up to 1/3 of the population will simply ‘disappear’ and reappear on a third dimensional density planet. Others say that there will be a bifurcation (and that it is already happening) of two Earths…..a 3D one and a 5D one. Others offer that the boost in energy (if it happens) will support the acceleration of the Ascension process that is already happening with…

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