Women and Chaos 3

jbuss Astrology

Omigosh, I just realized that I fat-shamed those Aliens by comparing them to a Tent!  Please forgive me!  I didn’t mean it that way!  You folks have a lot more Muscle Definition, and far better Colors than the Tent.  And those orange knobs make perfect accessories.  And Oh, those boots!

But back to the March chart…  A Grand Sextile makes our Efforts Easy, by contributing Blessings from the Outside, and also by improving the results of our own Efforts.  An Almost-Grand-Sextile will do the same, but adding the one Missing “Almost” Energy is up to us.  If we fill in the Almost-Grand-Sextile in the March Stations chart, it looks like this…

The Energy we need to add is the Energy of the 24 Virgo Vacancy, “Mary and her little lamb.”  Rudyar adds “The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being.”  That shouldn’t be…

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