Journey of a starseed



In time of creations-pre and leMuraland/land of the mother–we-like stardust from many places landed our intention on this blue planet to experience–we became the priests and priestesses–as it was our purpose to grid the layer of spirituality on this planet–others had other experiences–with light and sound we created– we created light orbs/thoughtforms that held our libraries of notes thru this process–they and we are same–we traveled thru this time-of-creation and recorded and experienced the different energies–as the shift for the land of Lemuria came we time traveled thru another dimensional port that was later known as Atlantis continuing the work. the light orbs became dense as we incorporated more densities in our experience–the light orbs–were are open receivers from our galactic homes–keeping us connected to all things as we saw the other energy shift coming- we knew we needed to timeshift again–we sounded our note and gathered and as a soul consciousness prepared to time shift again–recognizing we needed permanent structures for our libaries/orbs–so the crystal consciousness was employed and was molded as a thoughtforms recognizable by us each of a different sound and color ray–some us physically began other adventures of experience–traveling thru the upper land bridges that connected this planet–landing in what was called Mongolia present day. we left many clues/remains of our journey–the veils of forgetfulness were so dense we lost our sense of light and reverted to survivalists energies to relearn and connect with the energies of the planet. others traveled to the southern landbridges-the Himalayan mt brings called–others west

we scattered to the four directions and we started our journies anew

–to the present, we now have felt the tugging of our soul beings to come forth again to regroup along with the crystal libraries
we are the timeless ancestors connecting with the hearts of the rainbow people
hear your song and follow your heart
time is now the new earthstar shines brightly
heaven meets earth

OM Shanti OM



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