Healing from a Near Death experience in 1999, My higher aspect started the integration into this physical form. I was shown in visions all of my akashic records. My present soul task, which i came back to accomplish was to reclaim timeless pieces of ancient energy which would help me remember what i needed to know and also to anchor in the ascension energy which was being processed. That aspect of the soul mission is a long story in itself but not pertinent here. During a past Lemurian time, another golden age of co-cooperation and respect for all life on the planet. There were sacred spaces of sharing where souls came to refresh, heal and remember their soul purpose. I am physically recreating this community both here physically in my home and on the internet space.
I am a continual work in progress as all of humanity is. I have learned and remembered so much from others and have been given opportunities to share. I am really grateful to all of them. Now is the time to truly step forth and just be. This i wish for all of you. We have become aware thru witness of the chaos around and i believe we are in the cycle of reconstruction. It is time to open your minds and hearts to see and feel expanded ways of the greater picture of all lives and experiences on this Planet.
All life is created thru light and love. Let us begin the co-creation with open hearts and minds. We are all created equally, no matter what form we project or gender we espouse. We are all one in light and time to remember this.
I wish to discuss difficult subjects so as to break the fear and see them thru the knowledge o the soul. If you choose to join us in this. Join in open heart and mind this sanctarii a safe space to remember and share.

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