Song of your soul

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Again i share parts of my journey of remembering.  I do recognize i incarnated awake, no blinders on, but thru the timeline i choose to experience and soul contract family i had.  it was a time of consciously shutting down because of no external support.  Does that feel familiar to you?    A common pattern we all share.   We have always separated our spiritual nature from what we project trying to go thru the flow.  Unless your soul chose an exceptional incarnation of recognizing your light at an early age and full support.  Most have has have felt lost with periods of clarity/awakening thru our life experiences.

I feel if we were true to review our lives, minus the emotions of anger/blame and projections and victimhood we try to rationalize our existence.  We can step back and see what we learned or have grown from the challenges and that we can…

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