A Message from Joy 4.7.18

Sometimes it is in accepting something we cannot fathom, that makes no rational sense to our minds, that awakens us to parts of ourselves which have been dormant during this lifetime. Allowing us to see ourselves as part of a much greater Collective of Consciousness that defies logic, yet can communicate with us if we step just a bit beyond our fears and limitations.

Reflections of Riverman

Joy Message 4.7.18

I was quietly checking some facebook posts and saw that this picture of my most amazing Crystal Skull “Joy” was liked and that the post was 4 years old.
It was one in which I had done a talk show with Allayah Frisch on the topic of Crystal Skulls.

As I read the comments it was a challenge to remember it all and yet I knew that it had occurred. It just seemed so long ago and I was actually fearful of listening to it.

My journey with Crystal Skulls began  with a visit to the Ancient Skull known as MAX.
I remember years ago when a woman in my Reiki Class mentioned that she and her sister were going to see MAX in New Hampshire and asked if anyone was interested in going with them.

I had just begun my work with crystals and their energies, and now I…

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