Triggering and Remebering

my ponderings and wake up moments

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As I continue this journey of remembering with you, sometimes we overlook obvious wake-up hints. as we muddled thru our daily lives.  If you stop a moment and think, how many hints or triggers are presented to you daily to be consciously aware of something..  It can come in any form, a book, a movie, a person, something in social media, a look in the eye of a beloved animal.    Sometimes it is so subtle, we feel the energy, yet fail to pay attention.  I am so guilty of this lol.  In my case, the energy needs to have a stronger force and then becomes the triggers lol energy of aha and called to an action of some sort.  It is all about opening up to all around you and seeing energy and messages for what they call.  triggers, interesting word and to me create an action.  to be inspired.

I met a young…

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