Your Soul Journey is like the Rose

allayah's Blog

I awoke this morning at 5:55 am.  In the morning light, i asked, What should i do?   How do i proceed?  Remeber the Rose, my child. The light you share with others is Now anchoring into the planet.  This seed of Mother’s light is like the seed of the rose.  Anchored into Gaia, nurtured and begins to grow and flourish till the flower begins to bud and unfurl.  the petals are the remembering of the many timelines connected to the heartlight of Source of all.  This you awaken in others.  There are many explanations for the word ascension but it comes back to simply the rebirthing or conscious expression of the soul incarnated at this time.  It is the opening of the heart chakra/ Mothers energy in all lifeforms on this planet.  This leads to the expression of the energy of love thru thought and deed.  Respect for All life,  All is One Heart. …

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