To All who have crossed my path

This weekend, through souls guidance, I decided to re-enter social media and share some public talks.  As I never wished to be in public service, this was a very scary and difficult step for me, as I am on my own, without the support of a large platform behind me.  This was my choice as I realized I needed to fulfill my soul’s mission.  And we ALL have one, that is the purpose of these challenges of conscious awareness we are going thru presently.    To Remeber to be a conscious incarnate soul.  In 1999, my most recent wake-up/NDE  i came back very different.  Same old body, definitely physically changed and brain rewired lol from a brain tumor.   I came back with an awareness and knowledge i  was not aware of.  Visions of ancient timelines and relics and power objects from many timelines.  I became aware of greater light aspects I was aligned with that totally baffled my conscious mind at that time.  That was the beginning of my higher aspect Allayah integrating.  One who shines the light on the path of others.  My souls mission is to bring to light or awareness the inner knowledge of time within us all.  To help create change within those who are ready.  thru support.  I am a facilitator not a teacher.

My journey is very reflective of what humanity is going thru individually as one heart consciousness.  Individual we feel so alone, yet thru the energy matrix of internet communication, we touch each other path.  We learn from each other and we support each other in ways we may not consciously realize.  I wish to acknowledge this support from their written words and comments and also pay it forward to those who may need it.  We are really doing this together.

So this Sunday -earth day- I step forward again and begin my talks on seeing with new eyes– available to all of us now.  To discuss certain energetic thoughtforms like the crystal skulls and break thru the myths of time and see them what they are.  To discuss earth energy consciousness and the role of many life forms we do not pay attention to.  It is time to bring your inner knowledge forth again so you can full fill your own soul song on this beautiful planet and help raise all life forms up along with you in respect and love.

So my intent in this sharing is to acknowledge ALL, who may not realize that by their inspired word sharings or kind support, how you are raising us All up thru this time of growth, to help us not feel alone in all this.   Thru one heart-allayah


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