coming out of the shadows and reaching for the One heart

My  life was totally transformed by the entry of the Himalayan crystal skulls. Prior to 1999, i had no knowledge of or interest in crystal skulls.  i did not seek them out.  My journey of remembering begins with acquiring a modern carved jade skull.  Thru Dreamtime work I was guided to create a specific sacred geometry crystal grid–being given certain crystals in specific numbers to gather and place in specific configurations with the jade skull at the center.  Tying all the energy lines together with a laser quartz wand and kept the grid up for one full moon period.  again no prior knowledge or understanding of what I was creating just listening to heartfelt guidance.  then synchronicity occurred and i  reconnected with old soul, who brought the Himalayan skull grouping to the states..and then returned to China.  My remote viewing skulls allowed me to see and ask for three specific Himalayans skulls to reclaim.. the journey of remembering many abilities thru different lifetimes began and integrated. I kept my work private as I remembered except when guidance asked to create a community of skull caretakers so we could all reunite from many paths and work together and learn from each other as building the foundation of communities of respect and cooperation which will become the building blocks of the new earth reality.
The Sharing begins again with new eyes to see

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