I often do not read the news, as it is so negative, but today since it is rainy here I spending time reflecting on both personal and public issues.  I wonder if we were All chose be responsible for our thoughts words and actions, instead of projecting blame of results on others.  I do believe this is the harder experience to be truthful to ourselves and accept responsibility for all our experiences we have created.  It is hard to accept we did a lot of this to ourselves, and if you start to look at things from a soul level of experiences, gets even more complicated.  All have experienced so we can grow, and so many challenges designed.We are so used to look outside of us thru eyes of entitlement, no matter what age you are.   Blaming others for all the wrongs and even ascension, we have perceived this is something being done outside of ourselves.  What if we start to see thru new eyes of perception, that everything both personally or publically we are doing to ourselves and we have a choice to change if we just stop the excuses and blame.  Maybe we can then change our worlds, by being responsible for your self in every possible way and what you project into the collective.  Inner change creates outer change consciously.  No more excuses.


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