Jupiter’s Retrograde Raises our Vibration

I end all preordained contracts that are holding me back at this time in love vibration.’ Each and every micro second is ours, we are Free Will beings, we can switch timelines in a split second. We can change our mind, our actions, our feelings in the blink of an eye. Guides can only ever do just that, guide, they can never dictate or judge, simply observe and nudge us in the direction of our highest vibrations.


We are experiencing a release of blocks caused by Jupiter’s ongoing Retrograde. Delays, odd events, obstacles and misunderstandings reveal new pathways, new, more positive spaces. Scary, shocking, inconvenient or confusing events turn out to be good for us, if we see past the trauma. As each layer of heavy energies is peeled back to air, we heal. Small issues evaporate, bigger issues linger, ticking away in the back of our consciousness. Each ripple, each wave of higher frequencies pulls us up the dimensional frequency spectrum, enabling us to cut loose karmic baggage. We lighten our load literally, energetically. Upgrades recalibrate our mindbodyspirit system, we come online as energetic beings. We are integrating a whole evolutionary leap friends, we are leaving behind third and fourth dimension density and duality. We should expect to feel a little strange at times.

Entering the quantum world expands our consciousness, we become more aware of…

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