Faith – You Are My Teachers

excellent guidance to help return to center- breathe and surrender to divine will

Reflections of Riverman

Faith-You Are My Teachers.pngHow much faith do we really have?
How does lack of faith affect us?
How do we restore it?

The Presence of Light talk that was not to be heard…
I Am going to post this as a written testimony to having Faith and not just giving lip service to it.

As I signed on to Facebook live and began my 30 minute weekly talk on Humanity Healing, I was without a clue that my microphone was not functioning although I did notice that the chat box on the right of my screen was not working, so that I could not receive any comments.
That never causes alarm for me as it happens regularly and so I dove into the Higher Dimension of myself and let it all roll with great faith that all was in order. Only to find out as I signed off that people were trying to…

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