The Vow

In early morning hours, prior to waking, i receive so many insights.  This morning, I kept hearing the word Vow.  The Vow we made to all part of ourselves to the Creator Mother energies. to remember and align with her heart essence and to shine her light to all life in need and she, in turn, vows to support us thru all the created challenges we devised in our efforts to understand and grow together.  A VOW is a heart commitment to all life as we experience and see it.  We are one in heart and experience.

We are so overwhelmed with so much information, we feel so alone and lost inthis journey of remembering.  She reminds all of us, feeling lost is our own creation.  Remeber our VOW to each other.  Call to her, in whatever form you connect with.  She has many names.  She will hear her children and lift you up.  Remember the VOW she whispers as she cradles you in her heart….allaya


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