Be the Voice for the Voiceless

Just when all around you seems to be in chaos and in darkness and can barely handle the emotions of what you see.  Now the plight of the innocent children and other life forms comes into your view.  More tears, but then you say, what can I do, I can barely help myself in these troubled times.  You say you do not understand my plight.  And I say, but I do understand. First, you must get out of your sense of entitlement and victimhood.  These are your creations, thus you can choose to let them go.  You have experienced and learned from the lessons.

As you have graduated, your soul growth.  With an opened heart, You see all life forms on Gaia as precious energy.    All life matters and all is to be respected and treated with respect as we are all Co-creators on this planet. When you Now see the precious energy of the air, waters, land and fire/warmth.  The mission of the lifeforms, of insects, plants animals and trees-the ones with no voice.  See the injustices and be their voice.  Look at the human children, they rely on us as they have no voice in human society.  All are souls on this planet-no matter what form, design or color etc.  We all depend on each other to co-exist.  So with opened eyes and hearts, be the elders the guardians of life and be the voice and the protectors of life.  That is your soul purpose here.  Once you hold this vision, then Peace, love and respect and light will exist on the planet as we are one heart.



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