Message from AM MELCHIZEDEK on Sun Sirius Conjunction


hqdefaultAs I connected to the Sun Sirius Conjunction today the following channeling came through via Ascended Master Melchizedek of The Great White Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge of Sirius.

What came through was this.

“Those who have worked on clearing heir chakras and energy fields to a large extent and are “willing” to be Melchizedek’s Light Sentinels of Gaia will NOW be assisted in shedding the PAST to assist in Aligning Gaia with her Highest Diamond Timeline and your own individual Lemurian Pure Light Vehicles.

If you are “willing” and “ready” then call on AM Melchizedek who will place upon you the Etheric Tree of Life. This will Activate your Solar Plexus , which via the cords at your Navel will realign, rebalance, clear and heal and release all that no longer aligns with your highest good and Gaias highest good from lifetimes upon lifetimes, so that you can…

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