Each Sacred Moment Builds Upon Each Other

Reflections of Riverman

Oak Tree Swing

Sometimes we need to step back a bit and just allow life to flow without a struggle.
When we do it may appear as if everything just appears in an order that is designed specifically for us.

This Friday morning between the 8:8 Stargate and the 8:11 New Moon/Solar Eclipse was one of those days where I just allowed the Universe to speak to me.
Mostly because of the weeks energies which were very erratic and destructive to my computers and communications media. Honestly, I was numbed on so many levels by the interference that I really was at a loss for words that would be uplifting or inspiring.

So shortly after surrendering, the following show notes began to appear and a talk was born.

YouTube Video Link

YourListen MP3 Link


Oprah Winfrey – Grace – Unchanging Constant Kindness of the Universe

Anne Lamott  – I do not…

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