The soul journey has been long and all, challenges created FOR YOUR GROWTH, WE ARE RECONNECTING, TIRED BUT HEARTS OPEN. Within this sanctuary- we let go of the old patterns of understand and with open minds and hearts we readjust and shift our perceptions so we move into spiritual self gracefully. so join me here and on the air waves with others awesome souls whose path of service is to reach out to all who wish to waken their hearts in readiness to the next step bringing all hearts together on Gaia as one

About Allayah:

Allayah was a spirits given name assigned to me after my NDE in 1999, to be used in my souls service. Its meaning. to shine the lite on the path for others.
I am a guide in physical incarnation, aiding in the ascension of the planet and all life

Allayah Frisch, a veteran radio host, author, and conference speaker, in her safe sanctuary on the airwaves – Circle of Hearts Radio — a place where your spirit will be enlightened and replenished.
With her unique background, including a near-death experience, and with psychic-intuitive abilities and expertise in many modalities (which she uses in her private readings), Allayah brings the energy of the ancestors into the present in order to boost the collective awareness of all life forms on planet Earth – including you, her listeners.
My clairvoyant and mediumship skills were evident when I entered this incarnation. My childhood was one of seeing energies and entities not visible to others. At this very young age I remembered my ability to heal, for a while I had shut down to blend in with others. In my twenties I had a spiritual reawakening and Kundalini experience.

In 1999 I experienced a serious health crisis and resulting NDE (near death experience). My life took a dramatic turn spiritually as a result. After my NDE I realized that I had not left this plane at that time because my soul had more that it wished to accomplish here on earth.

Care-taking three large timeless/ancient crystal skulls which are known as Himalayan Skulls which are made from Himalayan crystal quartz different from Brazilian quartz that came out of the Far East. These are the crystal skulls I work with for my healing work. My focus is upon creating communities of people of like minds on the internet and to create a physical center – Sanctuary of the White Dove – in my home. With the skulls, I AM inspired to help both empower energy grids on our world, and individuals in their personal healing.