Heart service consultations

As i have been blessed to meet many awakening heart-centered souls on my live feeds on humanity healing facebook page.  I witness and feel your experiences.,  i wondered how i could help more.  I  offer a 30-minute personal skype .  I will not offer to tell you what to do.  I am a facilitator to help you find your inner wisdom in making choices.  Sometimes you need to just talk to someone about something that troubles you and cares.   This is what i offer.   You will have my full focus and caring and we will address your concerns in this 30-minute  session. to be arranged.

Donated price $55.00 (USA)



about Allaya
Allayah was a spirits given name assigned to me after my NDE in 1999, to be used in my souls service. Its meaning. to shine the light on the path for others.
I am a guide in physical incarnation, aiding in the ascension of the planet and all life

With my unique background, including a NDE in1999, My clairvoyant and mediumship skills were evident when I entered this incarnation. My childhood was one of
seeing energies and entities not visible to others. At this very young age, I remembered my ability to heal, for a while I had shut down to blend in with others. In my twenties, I had a spiritual reawakening and Kundalini experience.

In 1999 I experienced a serious health crisis and resulting NDE (near death experience). My life took a dramatic turn spiritually as a result. After my NDE I realized that I had not left this plane at that time because my soul had more that it wished to accomplish here on earth.