My Services


$99.00  skype  one hr

This Reading will explore your potentials and awaken you to all that is within you. It is an in-depth Reading in which I will connect with your multi-dimensional self. Past lives and galactic soul families will be addressed so as to help you understand your present incarnation of awakening and to help you explore your purpose in this life.

This Reading is for those who are ready to look deep within themselves and who are willing to move forward on their spiritual path. This is not a Reading to satisfy the ego with labels and identities. You are a creator and guardian of the New Earth Star. You ARE Light and you ARE Love. I am only a facilitator of your awakening.


$115.00  1 hr skype

In this reading,      we explore your Core Soul Path and the challenges and Soul Contracts as a Soul you chose to experience in this physical prior to this incarnation. We go to a deeper level of reflection than in the Heart of the Soul Readings – to truly show you your spiritual light within.


$99.00  1 hr skype

This is a follow up to the Heart of Your Soul reading which focusses on specific issues.

In the current incarnation our souls have set up many challenges as lessons for us. This is so we may gain wisdom, healing and balance in our life. If one addresses these challenges with the light and love that is within them they can then become their own healer. Once this occurs an expansion of the energies of peace and healing occurs within them, and subsequently in the realities of others. My role is to facilitate you in your journey during this session.


$88.00    1 hr skype

A holistic and integrative approach to health requires that we look at what is going on in our life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. While connecting in the heart we will discuss what imbalances in your energy are in evidence and what may have resulted in disease. This is just a tool to be used by you in your personal healing along with the conventional care and advice of the medical community. Healing processes occurs in layers.

First stage is to address the physical problems and this is best done by modern medical technology, doctors and professional health care practitioners.

Second stage is when the physical crisis is stabilized and you can then safely look at what may have caused the energetic imbalance. This imbalance can then be addressed so old patterns can be released so the pattern will not occur again.

Final stage is finding the Light and the Healer that is within you and all beings. Miracles occur when one recognizes the healing power within themselves.


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