Bringing Through and Being the Light

Reflections of Riverman

Spring 2018Blessings of Light To ALL

On this Friday the 13th … traditionally a day of fear or darkness I have the honor and privilege to talk on Humanity Healing facebook live.
I get to choose the topics but as you know by now the show is named Presence Of Light.

How perfectly the Universe fills our hearts with energies that dispel all falsity and local projections of our minds, to call us back into being the Light We Are.

I have always thought of the number 13 as Rebirth. I’m sure I read that somewhere and it struck a chord within me that created more resonance than the fear based stories, which we have been subjected to as being a bad omen.

I prefer to tap into the center point of the 12 around 1 teachings where all possibilities for Light to be brought through and shine can be…

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Sharing like this some experiences, may touch upon someone’s core challenge they face and hopefully encourage them to follow their own soul song or path in life. All stories are different with unique challenges.Yet if we look at the bigger picture, we can see a core pattern of challenges we all face. Thru out eons of times and cultures, there has always been two major groups perse.  Those who lead and those who follow.  We, as souls are recognizing this past thought of the experience. really did not bring us back to the sense of who we All are in the light.  It provided a lot of challenging experiences and growth..  In this incarnation, we are now seeing the bigger picture without the limiting boundaries.  This reflective and transforming period, as expressed by souls becoming aware on different levels is producing a lot of chaotic energy.  As we want to find our voices…

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Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Patience, from the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, by Inna Segal, artwork by Cris Ortega and Drazenka Kimpel

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Patience, from the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, by Inna Segal, artwork by Cris Ortega and Drazenka Kimpel

Patience: “You must develop patience in all areas of your life.”

“Patience does not mean that you give up and do nothing. On the contrary, you need to be aware of several aspects of the circumstance that you are facing. Patience requires you to stop pushing, rushing and creating potentially explosive situations. Instead it asks you to see the bigger picture and become aware of the ingredients that might be missing.

If you are impatient with a particular person, instead give them space.

Avoid jumping to conclusions and making up dramatic stories about a person or a situation without being aware of all the details. You have an opportunity to let go…

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Your Soul Journey is like the Rose

allayah's Blog

I awoke this morning at 5:55 am.  In the morning light, i asked, What should i do?   How do i proceed?  Remeber the Rose, my child. The light you share with others is Now anchoring into the planet.  This seed of Mother’s light is like the seed of the rose.  Anchored into Gaia, nurtured and begins to grow and flourish till the flower begins to bud and unfurl.  the petals are the remembering of the many timelines connected to the heartlight of Source of all.  This you awaken in others.  There are many explanations for the word ascension but it comes back to simply the rebirthing or conscious expression of the soul incarnated at this time.  It is the opening of the heart chakra/ Mothers energy in all lifeforms on this planet.  This leads to the expression of the energy of love thru thought and deed.  Respect for All life,  All is One Heart. …

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NDE – A wake up experience

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  Today, I ponder on the several NDE experiences in this life incarnation.    Some unsettling and the last one profound.  So hard to put words to the experiences, as everyone who has it is a very individual process, according to beliefs at that time.  Looking back, i see how each one transformed me on some Level.  I am seeing them as soul designed wake up calls lol.  We are consciously transitioning from an unaware experience to a deeply conscious one where we discover our soul light.  Transitioning, moving from one growth experience and entering another, like the life cycle of the butterfly symbolism.  Maybe time to really look at these words and experiences and find deeper meaning.  As  All is transitioning to deeper levels of understanding.  We are rebirthing.

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The Essence of who you Are



Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
See your Dream
Dive in
Feel it
This Dream is who you Are
Return to visit frequently
Resource yourself
Your Energy
Your Vitality
Your Power
Your Motivation
And Align yourself with this Vision
Align yourself with who your truly Are
The passion that drives you to this Vision
Is your essence of Vitality
In which your Soul Mission was created
Therefore it is essential you pursue it
If conditions at the moment dont seem favorable
Do not let this discourage you
Hold onto the seeds of your dream
Keep Revisiting
Keep Nurturing
Keep Aligning
The more you do so
The closer it will Be
At all times remember
You are here
To BE who you Truly Are♡
Much Love & Healing Blessings
*Image taken from Kahliya’s ‘Soul Inspirations’ Message Cards
Available in Kahliya’s online shop
Link in bio

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10 Inner Dimensions of Self-Worth

Existing Peacefully

Many of us look outside ourselves with intent on finding things that will make us happy. Sadly this isn’t where true happiness resides; happiness comes from within not “without”. If you’re not happy with yourself in your current circumstances then nothing will make you happy until you flip the switch and decide to be happy with what you’ve got.

Living a selfish life wrecks havoc on our self-esteem and our self-worth; although our esteem may be at an all time low this doesn’t mean it can’t be re-awoken and soar to new heights.

Even if our circumstances are brutal and hard to rise above we must always remember these inner principles to being and improving self-worth:

  1. Strive for better  Each day there are winners and losers, do you consider today a win in the grand scheme of things? Did you step closer to your goals or fall further away?
  2. Push past exhaustion…

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