The Point Of Return

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Reflections of Riverman

Point of Return

We humans are an amazing species of Life and cannot ever imagine fully what it is like to not Be outside of our physical bodies.
Well in 1991 I had what is typically identified as an NDE and have been expressing myself as such for 27 years next month.

Recently I was cleaning out some posts from my Facebook Notes page as it was a very nice place to post until the parameters changed and became somewhat limited in its ability to be similar to a blog.

So as I was removing articles and reposting some I found this picture and writing which describes my return to Source on the day I died and then back into this body.

So I offer it here for you to all to enjoy and think about.

The Point of Return

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

Looking in what appears to be a downward direction

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A Deep Water Moment

deep symbolism, beautiful

Reflections of Riverman

Sea Light 2.JPG

A Deep Water Moment

There is always a moment we wait for
resting quietly and listening silently
without any struggle of thought

We never really knowing if it will appear
yet are always vigilant for its arrival

Then in perhaps a single flashing second
it arrives with the impact of lightning
fully charging us with emotion beyond words

A teardrop forms and then another
arising from deep well within our hearts

This ever-present well of deep waters
laying beneath all of our human concerns
waits to be released even if in single droplets

Oh such Deep Water and so healing
if only all could understand your power

Then in a giant wave we would all gather
to pour forth from our innermost depths of separation
and crash on the shores with a roar of fearlessness

Calling all to come forward and remember the Truth
wherein even one drop of water…

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Rising Above The Chaos

Reflections of Riverman

Rising Above The Chaos.pngAll I can say is Oh My!!!
I awoke on Friday morning early as I usually do to feel into what I might speak about on Humanity Healing by my dog staring me in the face, as if she wanted to go out. 
Nope, she must have sensed chaos in my dream-time and just wanted me out of the bed.
Whereupon she lay down in my spot and looked at me, as if to say Buzz-Off.

So the plot thickened when I went to sign onto Google Chrome on the laptop I just rebooted into Win10 after crashing only to find I was locked out of Facebook and any code they sent would not work.

Okay, no big deal I thought. I just bought new laptop in case I couldn’t fix this one and it was running fine so let’s go to plan B only to find the same response…

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New Moon Water Blessing 9.9.18

Reflections of Riverman

York River New Moon 9.9.18.JPG

As we gather alongside the waters on the New Moon…

Let us rinse off our humanity and embrace our Eternal Spirit
offering our hearts to be carried deep into the liquid life force
from which we emerged and constantly sustains us.

Feel into that flow which begins for some of us
many universes away from this one in which we now gather
becoming fully aware of the long journey to be present in this moment

In honor of Water…
Let us pledge to Love, Thank and Respect it in each other
knowing that each of us are the water in many forms

All of which Water is suffering from
So to we also are suffering from

All of our healing prayers to Water
So to heal all of us

May each of  you Be Blessed on this New Moon
and renew your commitment to Water.

Riverman 9.9.18

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Latest August 2018 Blast Of Energies: An Opening Gateway & Being Lifted To Higher Ground.

Michael C Murdock - Divine Light Phases

large vector warning videoblocks-worship-0104-hd-4k-two-hands-hold-a-glowing-planet-earth-loop_sloiexbpx_thumbnail-full01        camp-magnetic-pamant       videoblocks-worship-0104-hd-4k-two-hands-hold-a-glowing-planet-earth-loop_sloiexbpx_thumbnail-full01

SURPRISE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Last night Aug 25th, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured in to fuel a strong G3-class geomagnetic storm. Forecasters did not see this coming. The stage was set for the storm when a minor CME arrived with little fanfare about 24 hours ago. First contact with the CME barely registered in solar wind data, and Earth’s magnetic field was unperturbed. The action began only after Earth entered the CME’s wake, where strong south-pointing magnetic fields opened a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere. A surprise geomagnetic storm ensured.

GEOMAGNETIC ACTIVITY CONTINUES: G1 to G2-class geomagnetic storms are underway on Aug. 27th as our planet passes through a stream of high-speed solar wind. The gaseous material is flowing from a northern hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Earth’s magnetic field was already reverberating from a strong geomagnetic storm…

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Life Is for the Fun of It! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, what is all this about frustration? You are familiar enough with it. Frustration plagues you often enough. You don’t seem to understand the cause of frustration. The cause is that you insist on your best performance. You don’t have to keep battling with frustration as though you are obligated to it. Frustration comes from your own stubbornness. You tend to want something the way you want it when you want it. You don’t want to take a chance on less. You insist on your best performance no matter how many times you’ve tried to resist.

Of course, you grew up with the idea of having your way. You will achieve as you want to no matter how dragged out you may become in the process.

You don’t have to achieve. Regardless of what you absorb in terms of achievement, you can stop every now and then. When…

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AWAKENING 5D HEALING: “Energy Update 12.08.18 21.08.18 03.09.18”

be gentle

Ascension Avatar

We are moving through intense cosmic turbulence, profound timeline shifts are occurring. We may feel we are flickering in and out, becoming almost transparent at times. At other times, more grounded than we have ever been. Dreamstate can appear more vivid than reality. Disturbed sleep and eating patterns can be experienced as our systems adjust to lightbody existence. Tiredness accompanies transdimensional double shifts, so take care of energy levels with water and rest. Awakening people may be experiencing profound karmic lessons. When we lack self-knowledge we are shown, we learn, we grow. This process has accelerated, fate is dishing up home truths, old, buried traumas and painful memories for many. Strength of character, fearlessness in the face of our perceived mistakes or mix ups, helps us release this karma. We are who we are, acceptance transforms us. We are all growing, transitioning, evolving, no one is stood still.

Frequency quakes…

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